Whilst moss can look nice on a roof, it needs to be removed!

The roof is an ideal environment for moss to grow as it is moist and humid. Moss roots can lift up roof tiles and the constant moisture created can lead to bacteria and mould growth. Eventually this mould growth will create holes and leaks in your roof and allow roofing materials to rot.

Removal of the moss needs to be done by a professional roofing company such as ours. If you try and get the moss off yourselves, it could result in broken tiles and much more damage than the moss is actually causing in the first place. Once you remove the moss there may be big gaps between the tiles where the rainwater can enter.

We use our own professional pressure washing machines and with our wealth of knowledge in dealing with moss removal, we get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day.

We also carry out general roof cleaning so give us a call to discuss what you need and we will happily come and pay you a visit to see how we can get your roof looking like new again.

For professional advice on removing moss from any sized roof, speak to our team at A Rogers & Sons Roofing Ltd, we welcome all enquiries from both homeowners and business owners in a 20 mile radius of Cranbrook including Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Seaford, Newhaven, Uckfield, Royal Tunbridge Wells, High Weald, Rye and all surrounding areas.

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